Wealth Management

Trust is the most valuable investment driver.

Plan for a better way forward

We nurture the wealth of our clients in preparation for life after employment.

We assist clients to pursue their goals, by creating investment portfolios, that meet the client’s performance goals and appetite for risk. We use a holistic approach that addresses the overall well being of the client and prioritises what clients want to achieve with their investments.

We often neglect to plan for life after employment.

Dialog leads to understanding

We believe that the investment needs of clients can only be met when they are understood.

The process of constructing an investment portfolio for the client starts when the needs of the client are understood. Our professional team help clients choose the right mix of financial assets, and construct an investment portfolio which balances investment risk and return to maximize income or growth in line with the client’s investment risk profile.

Whilst we are driving the management of your investments, the ultimate decision of choosing what investments to buy or sell, how much to invest and when to do so, always reside with the client.

We encourage open dialog about ambitions, opportunities and fears.

Why is wealth planning important?

Planning for retirement allows us to be prepared for it.

Most of what we do, from choosing a career to managing career progressions, is to ensure that our families and dependents can have a better life. But failing to plan for life after employment, could put our plans and efforts at risk. An ill-prepared retirement is bound to be one filled with financial stress.

Wealth planning approach

We manage our clients capital in the same manner that we manage our own.

We take the time to understand your unique goals and to learn more about the requirements around your wealth and life. We use this opportunity to identify your goals, priorities, preferences, and potential risks. We establish what your expectations are for us and determine whether an ongoing partnership is the right fit.

Goals and Objectives

We identify your goals, priorities, and take the time to learn more about your requirements around your wealth and life.  We mutually establish what your expectations are for us and determine whether a partnership is the right fit.

Building a Foundation

With an understanding of your goals and aspirations, we provide you with personalised strategies and solutions. We select products and asset managers on an independent basis to help you meet your goals.

Detailed Planning

We deliver an easy to follow roadmap that will lead you towards your financial goals. We address the areas that are of importance to you such as retirement savings, early investment options, risk management and insurance. 

Monitor and Review

Reviewing your wealth management plan on regular intervals is essential. As your life circumstances require a different approach to wealth management, we ensure that your plan transitions along with you.


As part of our regular reviews of your wealth management plan, we ensure that your overall asset allocation is in line with your investment objectives, and change the asset allocation accordingly when required.