Chandler Asset Protection - Mechelany Global Portfolio Certificate


Chandler teamed up with Mechelany Advisors to bring investors a cost-effective way to participate in a global portfolio managed according to a unique investment process that has delivered substantial performances in the past.


The Fund's Objective

The objective of the Fund is to achieve capital growth while containing downdrafts with a view to deliver superior returns on a regular basis over the medium term.

Managing hard-earned savings is about protecting the capital in absolute terms and making it grow in real terms so as to preserve and enhance its purchasing power over long periods. Volatility is inherent to the financial markets and cannot be avoided, but it can be contained and agile management, disciplined processes and strong analytical skills are key to preventing sharp and lasting drawdons.

Today’s financial markets are interrelated and extremely volatile. Successful investment management, like meteorology, is about having the ability to super-impose several layers of analytical frameworks ranging from the bird’s eye view of global macro-economic growth, inflation and liquidity trends, the geo-political factors and structural factors of the different economies and regions of the world, technological and industrial evolutions and finally the quality of the management, products and financials of specific companies or debt issuers.

Finally, the time gap between the evolution of fundamental trends and the markets’ perception of these trends is captured by technical and behavioral analyis.

Why you should select The Managed Certificate?

Active Management

Warren Buffet invests for decades in the same companies. However the world equity markets have risen and fallen extremely sharply three times over the past 30 years, leaving investors with deep scars, financially and psychologically. Our role as investment managers is to avoid these traumatising events and active management is the only way to achieve regular positive performances regardless of market conditions.

Analytical Skills

Investing, like medicine, is both an art and a science. It is the depth of the knowledge and of the quality of processes applied to what is by essence an extremely complex web of interactions that maximizes the chances of performing adequately and safely.

Global Reach and Expertise

The world is changing and new world leaders are emerging. New technologies and new buisness models are phasing out entire industries. Early and in-depth knowledge of these new economies and new trends is paramount to success.

Cost-effective Diversification

Diversification is a vital aspect of investing. If you invest directly in shares – the cost of dealing will restrict the number of shares you could hold to maybe three or four and you are very exposed if those few shares don’t perform. An investment in our Managed Certificate will see your money spread cost-effectively across over a variety of assets in the World managed by professionals from Commerzbank.

Regular Savings Option

One of the most effective and disciplined ways to building up a capital sum over time is by investing through a regular savings programme. By setting up a standing order you can steadily build up your holding in our Managed Certificates.


You can invest in the Managed Certificate on a lump sum or regular savings basis. Invest from as little as EUR10,000 with a minimum subsequent top-up amount of only EUR 1,000.

Investment Approach

The Managed Certificate aim to achieve its investment objective through following a “top-down” investment strategy and bottom-up securities selection:

  • Anticipating changing market conditions and tactically allocating the Fund’s assets to stocks, fixed income products or cash equivalents in response to these changes.
  • This flexibility to adjust its asset mix provides the Fund with the potential to achieve its objectives over the medium to long-term with less volatility;
  • Ensuring that the portfolio is well diversified and invested in securities of companies that demonstrate strong fundamentals over the medium term and supported by commendable growth prospects;
  • Not limiting investment to any asset classes or to any sectors, subject to investment restrictions as detailed in the prospectus.

Investment Horizon & Risk Profile

Medium Term Investment

The Fund’s investment strategy has an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years and is targeted towards investors with a moderate risk profile who are seeking long-term capital gains through an exposure on the international capital markets.


You can invest in the Managed Certificate on a lump sum or regular savings basis. Invest from as little as EUR10,000 with a minimum subsequent top-up amount of only EUR 1,000.