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The EFG RETIREMENT PORTFOKIO Index Certificate is a Swiis Security issued by EFG under ISIN CH0495851054 traded in US Dollars with a daily liquidity. The purpose of the EFG RETIREMENT PORTFOLIO is to provide an investment vehicle destined to capitalize returns for the long term and act as a private and personal Pension Fund. 
It is managed using Pension fund security, liquidty, diversification and risk management techniques but without asset allocation constraints.  Chandler Investment Consultacy FZE acts as sub-advisor of the Certificate

In Feb 2020, one of the most volatile months on record, EFG RETIREMENT PORTFOLIO Index Certificate gained +1.39 %.

In 2020, on a Year-to-Date Basis, the Index certificate is down -0.98 % against -9.62 % for the MSCI World Equity Index

Performance Statistics

Managing pension funds in an environment of extremely low-interest rates and ultra-expensive stock markets is treacherous and the most important issue is to avoid sharp downdrafts due to equity corrections or bear markets.

Our prudent approach to the markets led us to build protections in December 2019 against a potential turn in global equity markets. These protections worked against the portfolio in January 2020 but delivered their expected added-value in February 2020.

The Portfolio remains extremely defensive for the moment with 22 % in equities, 37 % in bonds, and another 15 % in bond funds.

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