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ISIN CH0495851054

The EFG RETIREMENT PORTFOLIO Index Certificate that we advise was structured to become your own personal Pension Fund with an annual performance target of 2 to 4 % above inflation with a low level of volatility.

The EFG RETIREMENT Index Tracker invests in quality shares, bonds and money market instruments offering high yields or significant under-valuation characteristics. It has a clear Value Investing bias as the managers and the promoter believe that in the long run, value investing offers a superior risk/reward ratio. It is managed dynamically without minimum asset allocation constraints, the portfolio has a large diversification and offers daily liquidity

It is structured as a debt instrument issued in US Dollars, the EFG Retirement Portfolio enables a one-line exposure to a diversified portfolio of exceptionally undervalued investments.

The EFG RETIREMENT PORTFOLIO Index Certificate was launched at the end of October 2019 and finishes the year in positive territory, having recorded a +2.27 % performance in December despite its low – exposure to equities (18%)

The portfolio is highly diversified and invests in quality stocks and bonds offering remarkably high Intrinsic Rates of Return

A Highly diversified Portfolio

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