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-2.42 % in May 2019, Strong Outperformance

In a month that saw the MSCI World Equity Index fall by -6.08 % and the MSCI Emerging Market Index lose -7.53 %, our EFG GLOBAL PORTFOLIO Index Tracker only lost -2.42%, strongly outperforming most equity benchmarks and demonstrating far less volatility.

As we correctly anticipated the correction, our hedges, our short positions in technology stocks, our short position on oil and our long positions in soft commodities delivered positive contributions to the portfolio and limited its down draft.

We took advantage of the correction to build the exposure of the portfolio to extremely cheap equities in China and in Emerging Markets as we expect a strong rebound in June / July.

FACTSHEET 31 May 2019

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Description of the Index Certificate

The EFG GLOBAL PORTFOLIO Index Certificate was launched by the world renowned financial group EFG and promoted by Chandler Asset Protection limited to replicate the management of Mechelany Advisor’s Model Portfolio.

It is in fact the ONLY instrument allowing investors to benefit from Mechelany Advisors management and investment process through a convenient Swiss Securities traded daily in US dollars.

The Portfolio invests in the four major asset classes; bonds, equities, commodities and currencies in an unconstrained asset allocation process but using institutional risk management techniques.

Over the past five years, Mechelany Advisor’s Model Portfolio has delivered in excess of 20 % returns per annum before fees.

ISIN Number CH0461379262

The above number is the only thing you need to give your bank to invest in the EFG GLOBAL PORTFOLIO Index certificate.

Term Sheet

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