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2nd Floor, Suite 122,
Harbour Front Building,
President John Kennedy Street,
Port Louis, Mauritius

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Office: (03) 9283 2617
Fax: +61 3827 3590

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Email: hello@chandlerassetprotection.com


The Office

Chandler Asset Protection Ltd is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2001 with registration no. 141504, having its registered office at 2nd Floor, Suite 133, Harbour Front Building, President John Kennedy street, Port Louis, République de Maurice.

Chandler Asset Protection Ltd is regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius and holds an Investment Adviser (unrestricted) licence and a Global Business Licence (Category 1).

All operational, compliance and accounting duties are outsourced to locally regulated entities.

Auditors are Baker Tilly Mauritius.

Local Partners

  • Chandler Asset Protection - LCF Securities
  • Chandler Asset Protection - Afrasia Bank


Chandler is equipped with a full, MIFID compliant, Asset Management ERP.
Developed and managed by Salamander Soft of France, it is directly linked with our custodians, allowing us full control and transparency of all our actions, and also enabling a direct internet access to our clients.

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